Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is health problem related to low levels of vitamin D over short or long period of time. There are basically three ways of treating vitamin D deficiency - increasing skin exposure to UVB radiation to increase natural vitamin D production, consuming vitamin D rich foods to increase ingestion of vitamin D from food sources and consuming vitamin D supplements. 

sunVitamin D and the Sun Exposure

Exact amount of time, spent outside on sun, needed for adequate vitamin D production depends on many things: season, latitude, amount of exposed skin, color of the skin, protection factor of used sun block cream (if any), weather, pollution etc. Read more about Vitamin D and the Sun Exposure.

grilled-sardines-mVitamin D Rich Foods

Vitamin D rich foods are great source of natural occurring vitamin D. Lately, there are more and more foods that are artificially reinforced by vitamin D - artificial vitamin D2 is cheaper than artificial vitamin D3, so be careful and read labels. Read more about Vitamin D Rich Foods.

un-daily-complete-mVitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D supplements are important source of vitamin D for preventing vitamin D deficiency and for treating it when symptoms are already visible and cause problems for patient. Read more about Recommended Vitamin D Supplements.

 Vitamin D deficiency can be found in general population regardless of age, gender, race etc. Nonetheless, endangered populations are:

- small children, infants and other individuals that spend less time outside
- individuals with darker skin due to lower levels of natural vitamin D production
- general population in winter months due to lower levels of sun exposure
- vegans and vegetarians
- pregnant and lactating women
- women in menopause

etc. For more on this topic, feel free to check What is Vitamin D Deficiency article.

Pan Fried Marinated Salmon Fillets

pan-fried-marinated-losos-fillets-mSalmon fillets can be prepared in various ways, one of the most simplest is using non-stick frying pan. And in order to improve already great salmon taste, salmon fillets can be marinated.

now-foods-vitamin-d3mNOW Foods Vitamin D3 Softgels

NOW Foods Vitamin D3 Softgels are one of the most popular vitamin D supplements on the market. They come in great variety of vitamin D doses and number of softgels - everyone can find what she/he really needs. As name suggest, vitamin D in these softgels is in vitamin D3 form (Cholecalciferol).

Barbequed Sea Bass

flagstone-bbq-sea-bass-mBarbequed sea bass or any similar fish is great tasting meal which is also great source of natural vitamin D. Barbequed food taste so much better, but it is not very healthy to eat it because of compounds found in food due to oil dripping on embers. But, it can be avoided ...

Salmon and Norway Lobster Mixed Stew

salmon and norway lobster fish stewSalmon and Norway lobster mixed stew is not the quickest meal to make, but it is very tasty and rich in vitamin D, healthy fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients.

Pan Fried Sea Bass Fillets

pan fried sea bassSea Bass can be found year long as fresh or frozen whole fish or as a fillet. Pan frying is the simplest way of preparing any fish, quickly and easily. Using parsley, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil can turn great tasting fish into a delicacy.


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Barbequed Sea Bass

flagstone-bbq-sea-bass-mPlate barbequed sea bass is very tasty and very healthy meal, very rich in vitamin D - even small portion has daily amount of vitamin D, accompanied with healthy fats and other beneficial macro and micro nutrients found in fish.

NOW Foods Vitamin D3 Softgels

now-foods-vitamin-d3mNOW Foods Vitamin D3 Softgels are one of the most popular vitamin D supplements on the market. They come in great variety of vitamin D doses and number of softgels.

Grilled Sardines

grilled-sardines-mGrilled sardines is easy and fast meal to make and provides body with plenty of animal protein, vitamins, minerals, healthy fish fat and, of course, vitamin D.

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